The Hardest Working Wrestling Announcer on the Indepenedent Circuit!
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D.D. Bussey
My Bio

Hometown: Paris,TN
D.O.B.: October 15, 19??

Position: Announcer/Commentator

Objective: To use my skills to get each and every organization and wrestlers I work for over.

Favorite Aspect of My Job: Seeing the faces of the fans particularly the kids when a wrestler is getting over because of me.

Experience: IWU, HWA, EWA, GCW, CCW, FWF, NAWA, SCWA, NWF, NCWA, All South 2XW, TCW, ICW, SSOW, GPW, NGWA, EZWA, EWF, EPW, NAWA (New Age Wrestling Association)/santioned by the NWA.

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