The Hardest Working Wrestling Announcer on the Indepenedent Circuit!
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My Favorite Pictures!
Lance Russell along with Gordon Solie are 2 of the announcers/commentators I have learned alot form watching over the years.

Lance Russell

Lance Russel & Dave Brown

Alexander the Great

John Coursey & Me

The Centerfolds ("Skinny" Kenny, "Giggilo" John, & "Cuddely" Keith Arden)

Team Extreme (Terry Lawler & Air Paris)

'Cowboy' Bobby Garrett

Air Paris pinning Chris Kamikazi

The "SELF PROCLAIMED" Unified European Champion: Simon Sermon

The Unified World Heavyweight Champion (AWA, WCCW, & USWA)

The Fabulous Ones: Stan Lane & Steve Keirn

'the Rage' Scott Cage

The resident pimp & 2002 NWA-Wildside Rookie of the Year: Salvatore Rinauro

The Original First Family of Wrestling (Austin Idol, Dutch Mantell, the Dream Machine, Jimmy Valiant w/mgr Jimmy Hart)

Jim White, Sam Bass, & Jerry Lawler

A.J. Styles (the NWA World Heavyweight Champion) gets some serious air!

NWA-Wildside Heavyweight Champion: The No Pain Train

Jerry Lawler, Magnum TA, & Dusty Rhodes

The Original Tennesse Badboy and NWA World Tag Team Champion: David Young

The Second First Family Wrestling